xCenta Business

xCenta Business is our comprehensive management suite for managing risk within your business across single and multi-site operations, all for a fixed monthly fee.

xCenta Business extends the Core platform and will help you develop, manage and monitor a deeper and wider reaching risk management proposition within your business, all from a secure online system accessible from any supported device with an internet connection. 

  • Accident and Near Miss Reporting (as for Core)

    Record, monitor and manage all accidents and near misses that occur within your workplace

  • Document Management (as for Core)

    Central secure online store for your essential risk management documents

  • Action creation & tracking (as for Core)

    Schedule, manage and monitor work tasks across your business, ensuring risk management activities are completed on time

  • Company Alerts (as for Core)

    Schedule and send out e-mail and on screen alerts to all or selected staff within your business

  • Internal Auditing Tool

    Ensure that the policies and procedures you have in place are being effectively employed and meet QA requirements

  • Policy and Procedure Management

    Design, distribute and manage compliance of your company's internal policies and procedures

  • Business Incident Management

    Log, track and monitor incidents that occur within your business.

  • xCenta Form Builder

    This simple to use tool will enable you to design and deploy all of your own risk related testing across your business

  • eLearning

    Provide your staff with instant online training that will record their competency

  • Risk Self-Assessment (as for Core)

    Work through identifying and managing the risks within your business

  • Management Reporting (as for Core)

    Easily monitor all of the risk management activities with a suite of standard reports providing you with management information and trend analysis across your business

  • Equipment and Asset Management

    Manage your company's equipment and assets from one central portal, generating automatic work actions and alerts for servicing and inspections

  • Employee Risk Management

    Manage and monitor your employees training, ensure policies are being read and work tasks are being completed

  • Advanced Risk Assessment

    Dive deeper into risk assessment, bringing in all of your controls, legislation and associated documentation to one central record set

  • Events Management

    Pre-define risk questions for events your company may be hosting to ensure your legal and compliance requirements are being met

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