Carrot or Stick?

You're here because you know the importance of good risk management. We appreciate that sometimes it can be seen by others as costly red tape, so here are some helpful pointers that might convince others why risk management through xCenta is right for your business.


Carrot thinkers

For those that like to see the positive impacts of good risk management through xCenta
  • Slash the cost of training

    With our eLearning module you can deliver on demand risk training to all of your staff for one flat monthly cost through xCenta. No days away from the office, with xCenta you can fit this training around your employees’ workload, taking advantage of quiet times. There are no hidden extras to purchase and you can re-sit sessions or add more employees.

  • Stop wasting time collating management information

    Get rid of those wasted hours pulling together information from accident books, audits and risk assessments. With xCenta you get instant access to real-time information across your business. So, say goodbye to “Dave, have you got that report done yet?”. Dave had that report ready within 10 minutes of you asking and he is now free to spend his time making your business money.

  • Has anybody seen the risk assessment for ...

    Don’t waste time hunting for bits of paper or trawling through a series of ring binders and spreadsheets. You can get instant access to all of you risk management information at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

  • Help defend costly insurance claims

    It’s fully auditable and you will receive instant notifications every time an incident is recorded. You can demonstrate the control and checks you have in place are being carried out, putting you in a stronger position when it comes to defending a claim. Next time you’re challenged about the adequacy of your H&S procedures you will simply refer to the records to show the training provided with full history of the testing completed by your employees.

  • Help reduce the cost of lost days

    There are no two ways about it, accidents cost you money. You pay staff whilst away from work, you pay someone else to do their job (possibly bringing in expensive temporary cover), and you have to explain to customers why orders aren’t being met. Using xCenta you can identify the risks before an accident occurs, you can train your staff how to deal with the risks and you can monitor near misses and hopefully stop an accident before it happens.

  • Because its the right thing to do

    People who run businesses have responsibilities to their staff, their customers and their visitors. It’s a moral obligation and having an effective management system like xCenta in place takes some of the burden away from management, leaving them to do what they are good at, growing their business.


Stick thinkers

For those motivated by what you can avoid with good risk management through xCenta

  • Good morning, I'm from the HSE...

    The HSE has a tough job and the longer they spend with you the more expensive it can get (both financially and psychologically). Having an effective management system in place can help you respond quickly to requests for information, saving you time and effort and letting them get back on the road. Did you know you can also insure against the fees for intervention?

  • Go directly to jail, do not pass ...

    Whether or not you know the extent of the Sentencing Guidelines, you will be aware of people going to prison for safety related accidents. Explain to the directors within your business that if they don’t take risk management seriously then it may be them staying at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Demonstrating you have a structured approach to risk management and that you are taking positive steps can reduce the risk of a large fine or potential jail time.

  • Did you hear what happened to Dave in accounts?

    Nothing moves faster than gossip. If someone is injured at work it won’t be long before someone will say the immortal “Well it was only a matter of time” and straight away you have lost. Everyone has the right to come to work in a safe environment, and an employer has a legal responsibility to provide one. Employees will know the problems but without a way to identify and manage them then things will get missed or, worse still, ignored. Failing to manage your risks will have costs, people will have accidents, your reputation will take a hit and so will your bottom line. Investing in effective risk management can save you far more than it costs.

  • Yes, sleep would be nice, but not tonight

    We all know that a good night’s sleep is good for us and really helpful when we have a busy day ahead. But that won’t happen for the directors and managers who are dealing with major incidents. Either they will be spending the night dealing with the implications whilst thinking they should have been better prepared. Or they are simply losing sleep with worry about the fall out.

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