New guidance for construction plant

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A number of new or revised guides for the safe use of construction plan have been made available on the Construction Plant-hire Association’s (CPA) website.

Forward Tipping Dumpers– a new safety guidance publication has been produced. This is aimed at operators for safety training purposes and is divided into three sections:Image of plant equipment

  • A stay safe list of actions for operators
  • The how’s and why’s of each action
  • A section for managers and supervisors regarding planning and supervision

This can be downloaded from:

Lifting with Excavators- The Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group has updated their guidance on safety when carrying out lifting operations with excavators, this covers 360°tracked and wheeled excavators as well as 180°excavators/backhoe loaders. Topics covered within the guidance include planning and supervision requirements, machine selection, roles and responsibilities, specific issues and maintenance and inspections.

This can be downloaded from:

Suction / Vacuum Excavators- The Suction and Vacuum Excavator Special Interest Group have launched their Good Practice Guide for the Safe Use of Suction/Vacuum Excavators. The publication provides specific recommendations around lone working, the use of a second operator and other supporting staff, and information relating to contaminated ground containing radioactive wastes.

This can be downloaded from: